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5 Reasons For and Against taking a Multivitamin

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When I hit college and my nutrition consisted of Kraft Mac and Cheese mixed in with some Hot Pockets, I began to take a Vitamin packet that I picked up at Costco.  I had no idea what all the little pills were, but I was convinced that since my diet was clearly devoid of the essential vitamins and minerals each day that the easiest way to compensate was with pills.  While this logic make sense, I ended up with some neon yellow pee and convinced that whatever I had spent on the vitamins was quickly going back out.   Not to mention the gut distress from taking all those pills. Yuck!

5 Reasons NOT to Take a Multivitamin

  1. It’s better to get your nutrients from food
  2. They could kill you according to the Paleo Diet Author Dr. Loren Cordain
  3. Multivitamins aren’t tightly regulated and labels may be misleading
  4. There are any good studies showing their benefit 
  5. You might not be metabolize the expensive nutrients in tablet

5 Reasons FOR taking a Multivitamin

  1. Your food is not as nutrient dense as you think and another article confirming that
  2. Mineral concentration of your water source.
  3. Pesticides and labeling could be impacting your plant sources
  4. Conventional meat and seafood vs. grass fed and wild caught sources
  5. Physical Activity and age

So with that said, I thought about the reality of most people’s daily lives and while you are all probably eating nutrient dense food, there still might be nutrient deficiency that are aided by a Multi-vitamin.  Now, as you go along selecting a vitamin, I found Ben Greenfield’s recommendation of Thorne FX’s Multi AM/PM Complex to be quite good.

For a recommendation on value and quality, you can also check out Lab Door’s Recommendations.

VERDICT: Being an active person involved in Crossfit workout’s 4-5xs/week I find that a multivitamin (I take the Thorne Fx prdocut mentioned above) does aid my recovery and overall energy (n=1)


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