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CrossFit Hoboken is home to some of the most talented and sought after coaches in New Jersey. Their collective knowledge and experience span everything from Olympic lifting to Bikram yoga. Our team is patient, kind, and most importantly, productive. Whether you’re a newcomer or veteran athlete, we can and will elevate your fitness.
  • Jon Bevacqua

    Jon Bevacqua is the owner and Head Coach of Crossfit Hoboken. With a background in personal training, almost 10 years of Crossfit experience and a passion for nutrition and programming, Jon’s ultimate goal is to empower is athletes. Once he got started, he was hooked to that feeling of accomplishment from pushing his body past what he thought it was capable of.

    Jon is a passionate teacher and educator. He specializes in coaching athletes and coaches how to teach, see, correct, and improve movement and performance. When Jon isn’t coaching, he trains for anything challenging and chases after his first child, Lorenzo.


    • Crossfit Level 1
    • Crossfit Strongman
    • Crossfit Kids
    • Owner Fear of Defeat LLC
  • Demetrius Goncalves


    Demetrius’ passion for sports started his school years playing soccer and volleyball. After that he needed to find something that would challenge himself more than just going to a regular gym, it was when he found CrossFit. Since then, CrossFit has completely changed his life in every aspect of it including simple daily tasks. “I have always being passionate about helping others and CrossFit became a powerful tool in my toolbox to help others achieve their true athletic potential. I truly believe in learning to ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable’”.  


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Scaling
    • CrossFit Anatomy
    • USAW Level 1
    • Certified Project Row and Ski Coach
  • Victoria Fontaine

  • Matt Aquino

    Matt has always been a well-rounded athlete. As a youth, he competed in multiple sports, including basketball. It’s a balancing act he continues to this day by participating in local competitive leagues. Matt was an early member of CrossFit Hoboken, who made the transition into coaching via our Coach’s Development and Internship program.

    “I know the harm the daily grind of a 9 to 5 can have on our bodies. That’s why I combine my training experience, with the knowledge gained from my own personal setbacks and wellness journey to keep our athletes moving safely. I believe time in the gym is a chance to focus on your personal goals, turn up some music, and blow off some steam.”


    • BirthFit
    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Scaling
    • CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1
    • CPR Certified
  • Ali Blankmeyer

    A former D1 Field Hockey Player and Captain, Ali has strong base in Sports Performance as well as CrossFit. During her transition from college to the “real world”, she quickly noticed the motivation she had in the gym was lacking – insert CrossFit Hoboken. It was here that her competitive nature was married with constantly varied, high intensity work outs. The team camaraderie she was also missing from college was also met with gyms supportive community.
    Ali enjoys being able to share her knowledge and wisdom in all things with health and wellness. Over the years, she’s also had experience working as a Sports Performance Coach at the Annex and carries that knowledge with her in her own fitness journey. She believes we should be able to wake up and work out however our body feels and wants to move that day. Longevity is the life-long goal!


    • Crossfit Level 1
    • Functional Movement Systems Level 1 Certified
  • Andrew Clarke


    AJ Clarke has been an active member for over 6 years and a coach for over 2 years. He began his Crossfit journey back in college when he could not find a sport that fit his cardio needs as a sprinter for the Track and Field team, as well as the weight lifting component he had a passion for.

    He has since traveled up and down the east coast, gaining experience from a number of CF boxes between NJ and NYC, MD, VA, and FL.

    As a full time health benefits consultant for Aflac, AJ is able to combine his knowledge in healthcare with his passion for athleticism enriching the lives of employees in the work place, athletes in the gym, and friends and family at home.


    • CF L1
  • Chris Douglass


    I have always had a passion for sport and physical fitness.  At the end of my soccer career I was looking for a new way to stay in shape and provide me with new challenges.  In late 2011, a friend brought me to the back of a globo-gym where I was introduced to CrossFit and haven’t looked back from there.
    I’m passion about coaching and helping others accomplish things they never thought was possible and I’m looking forward to working with the athletes at CrossFit Hoboken.


    • Certifications:
    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
    • CrossFit Kids Trainer
    • Weightlifting Certificate 
    • Kettlebell Certificate 
    • Dumbbell Certificate
    • Gymnastics Certificate 
    • Lesson Planning Certificate
    • Scaling Certificate 
    • Anatomy Certificate
  • Katie Eades

    Katie went from acclaimed Division II tennis player to award-winning CrossFit competitor. It sounds amazing but the road wasn’t always easy. Six years after college, she’d gained weight and was pushing 200lbs. “I walked into my first CrossFit gym hoping to lose weight for my wedding. I lost 60lbs, and as a bonus, I discovered an amazing community, learned healthy eating habits, met my best friend, and developed a passion for health and wellness.”

    After two years of training, Katie opted to become a coach, specializing in CrossFit Kids and Conjugate Method Training. “I am passionate about instilling a love of fitness and healthy eating habits at an early age.”


    • CrossFit Kids
    • CrossFit Level 1
    • USA Weightlifting
  • Chad Flanick

    Chad is a former Varsity swimmer and diver (Syracuse University), who made the eventual leap to CrossFit. “Having been a member at CFH for a few years, spending hours and hours in the gym, I wanted to share what I’ve learned and come to love about the CrossFit lifestyle.”

    Chad is passionate about CrossFit and its universal scalability. He believes everyone is on their own physical journey and CrossFit allows us to progress together but at our own rate. “The key is to get a little bit fitter every day.”


    • CrossFit Level 1
  • Glenn Giordano

    Coach Glenn has been Crossfitting for 6 years. The only thing he is as passionate about, is Music. Glenn brings his positive energy and attitude to every workout to help our athletes achieve their goals. His favorite quote is “Do, or do not, there is no try” – Yoda


    • Crossfit Level 1
    • Crossfit Level 2
  • Colin Jennings

    Colin has been active in CrossFit for the past 6 years and has recently taken to coaching. Colin shows a true desire for his athletes to “move well, before we move fast”. Colin grew up as a beach kid and migrated to the Hoboken area in 2009, and has always been an avid soccer player.


    • Crossfit Level 1
  • Chris Lenhart

  • Dani Richter

    I first walked into a Crossfit box in 2014 and, instantly became addicted to the intensity of the workouts. I’m a former soccer player and swimmer, and, although running is my passion, I couldn’t live without a barbell. Crossfit has made me see fitness in a different perspective, it gave me a new passion in life, and it made a trainer, a health advocate, a better human being.

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing members progressing, setting new goals, accomplishing old dreams, overcoming physical limitations. It gives me the feeling that my mission has been accomplished. That’s the beauty of fitness. You can never accomplish all, there will always be the next step. And that’s the reason that I’ll never stop changing lives, including my own.”


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
    • CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate
    • CrossFit Scaling Certificate
    • CrossFit Anatomy Certificate
    • CrossFit Spot the Flaw certificate
    • CrossFit Running certificate
  • Britta Winans

    Britta is a former NCAA collegiate soccer player who has had a passion for strength training & conditioning that started in high school. “I was exposed to strength training at an early age and experienced so many benefits that come with lifting weights, especially as a female.” Britta was introduced to CrossFit in 2014 and it has been an integral part of her life every since.

    A squat-enthusiast, Britta hopes to help other people along their fitness journey as they embrace strong bodies, healthy minds & a positive outlook along the way!


    • - BirthFit
    • - CrossFit Level I
    • - USA Weightlifting Level I Strength & Conditioning
  • Jon Yuko

    Jon has always been highly active in sports throughout his youth, where he continued his athletic career in football at the collegiate level. Soon after relocating to the NYC Metro area for work, he began working out at Crossfit Hoboken in early 2018. Indifferent about the many stereotypes hovering around Crossfit, Jon jumped in with a positive attitude, and soon found a passion for it.

    “I love how Crossfit is for everyone. For those who want to compete, to those who may be introducing themselves to a healthier lifestyle for the first time. But ultimately, I love the atmosphere that is created when all of these people come together to work hard for an hour – it creates a special community. As a coach, I hope to contribute to helping those achieve a higher level of fitness, while making friends along the way.”


    • CrossFit Level 1


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