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AUGUST Athletes of the Month

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Name: Kristen Poemer

Age:  28 
Weight: 116 lbs

Crossfitting Since: June 2016

Attends Class: (times per week?) 5-6

Favorite Quote:  Currently, ‘The best things in life are on the other side of fear.’

HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT CROSSFIT? I heard about it from a friend, but I joined because I won a free 30-day trial at the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival last summer.

WHAT WERE YOUR GOALS WHEN YOU STARTED CROSSFIT? I really didn’t have goals when I started Crossfit. I wanted to try something different and didn’t quite know what I was getting into at the time. At first, I liked the competitive nature of it and then I liked having concrete goals. The specific and attainable goals are what I love now. There are movements I cannot do, weights I can’t lift and then there are a lot of things I have already accomplished. My goals are now centered on strength rather than what I saw in the mirror and they’ve made me stronger and more confident.

HOW HAS CROSSFIT DIFFERED FROM YOUR FORMER TRAINING? I’d never done any real strength training or Olympic lifting. Touching a barbell was pretty foreign to me and I remember it feeling pretty heavy. Before crossfit, I went to a gym that had typical group fitness classes likes cardio kickboxing or Zumba. I’d also tried other programs like BBG and Insanity.

What’s mainly different is the challenge. With Zumba, sure, I could get a little better at a routine, sweat a little more, but there was never a ‘bell ringing’ moment. Knowing you’ve worked hard at something and feeling it pay off is pretty great. There’s also a little bit of healthy fear. It still scares me every time I flip upside down. Sometimes it makes me nervous to do a box jump. It’s a small lesson, but there are a lot of things I never thought I could do and they’re all on that other side of fear. I have a lot of people to thank — coaches and friends who’ve pushed me through that.

WHAT TYPE OF RESULTS HAVE YOU SEEN WITH CROSSFIT? Before Crossfit, I couldn’t do a pull-up, climb a rope or even go upside down. I’m the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been. In a year, I lost 8 pounds and gone down 5% in body fat. I’ve also become more confident and I care about different things.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR EXPERIENCE AT CROSSFIT HOBOKEN? I’ve had a great experience at Crossfit Hoboken. I love the availability of classes, the people, and coaches. It’s become the place to relieve my stress and have fun with friends who push me.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACCOMPLISH IN THE NEXT YEAR IN YOUR OWN FITNESS? I want to continue to build on the basics. Not having had the experience of lifting, I have the advantage of being able to learn things the right way. I have concrete goals of movements, I’d like to be able to do (i.e. handstands and handstand walks) and weight I’d like to add to certain lifts, but I want to focus on coming into each workout with intention and letting the results come.

WHAT DOES A TYPICAL DAY OF FOOD LOOK LIKE YOUR YOU? Currently I generally follow my own modified version of Whole30. My breakfasts are usually eggs, sweet potatoes and fruit and my lunches and dinners are some combination of chicken and vegetables and usually more sweet potatoes. And of course, coffee. I won’t pretend to be any type of expert here, but cutting out sugar has made a big difference for me personally.

Name:  Danny Kupratis
Age:  30
Weight:  150

Crossfitting Since: January/2012

Attends Class: (times per week?) 5

Favorite Quote:  From the Iliad by Homer:  “Ever to excel, to do better than others, to bring glory to your forebears, who indeed were very great.  This is my ancestry; this is the blood I am proud to inherit.”  This resiliency inspires me to be a better person each and every day, no matter the circumstance.

HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT CROSSFIT?  When I first moved up to Hoboken at the end of 2011 for work, I wanted to use the move to change my life and focus on fitness, which was never anything I really did actively prior.  CrossFit was just becoming a thing and a box had just opened up near my old apartment right before I moved up, and when I moved up here I decided to give it a try.  Five years later, I’m still going at it consistently!

WHAT WERE YOUR GOALS WHEN YOU STARTED CROSSFIT?  Honestly, I just wanted to make fitness a priority in my life.  I was never really athletic growing up due to some health complications and had no idea what lifting entailed and I wanted to try something different than just going to a regular gym.  Good thing I gave it a try!

HOW HAS CROSSFIT DIFFERED FROM YOUR FORMER TRAINING?  Having a workout already planned and organized each and every day targeting different movements vs. going to a gym and working on the same body part.  I’m always on the floor at the end of each class and constantly sore…which is a sign of doing it right!  It also helps take a lot of pressure off of yourself if someone already thought of the workout for you!

WHAT TYPE OF RESULTS HAVE YOU SEEN WITH CROSSFIT?  I never thought I’d be doing CrossFit or any of the workouts if you had asked old Danny 5+ years ago.  The amount of strength, endurance, confidence, grit, and level of fight inside of me to do more and be better has skyrocketed.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR EXPERIENCE AT CROSSFIT HOBOKEN?  It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve done hands down.  Having other people stronger than you in class pushes you more than doing it alone.  I’m super proud of the accomplishments I’ve achieved in and outside of the gym as a result.  The community and overall support for everyone regardless of where they are on their journey is unparalleled.  I’ve never seen any place where the coaches legitimately care and have a vested interest in bettering every single person in a class before, until coming to CrossFit Hoboken.  It’s always humbling when you’re the last one to finish and everyone is standing there cheering you on like a champ!

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACCOMPLISH IN THE NEXT YEAR IN YOUR OWN FITNESS? I feel as if this summer I’m in the most peak fitness condition I’ve ever been at or experienced in my life and I’d like to continue to push myself and see where this takes me over the next year now that I know I can do it.  I feel that the mental roadblock telling people they can’t is the hardest to overcome for athletes.  As they say, ‘semper avanti’…



The last 3 months I really strived to turn my diet around from not really paying attention to my intake whatsoever to following a diet plan strictly by hiring a dietician.  Recently, for breakfast I eat egg whites with turkey, spinach, tomato, and peppers.  For lunch and dinner it’s lean turkey meat smothered in hot sauce and marinated in pineapple teriyaki and garlic pepper over some greens with a slice or two of whole wheat toast.  Right before I go to bed, I normally make a casein shake with peanut butter and banana, and will sometimes throw in a little sugar free Pistachio pudding mix.  Working with a dietician + CrossFit + self discipline = insane results!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled.