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Happy New Year to our CrossFit Hoboken athletes! Some of you may have used the new year to re-assess your own standing and path ahead. The staff here at CFH has done the same. One of the key changes we’d like to bring you in the new year is more transparency and understanding behind the programming. We think the why behind what we do is always important and self-education is at the core of bettering ourselves physically and mentally. 

So in 2019 we will periodically explain the theory for the next few months ahead. This will include areas we plan to focus on, movements we are aiming to specifically improve upon in that period, resources we have used to support what we’re doing, and the stimulus and pathways we’re are aiming for. 

Oh, we’ve heard your feedback! We will release the workouts for the week ahead via Website (Gym News / Programming) as well as Social Media! 

So with that said, here’s what we have schemed together for the next three months:

Objectives:  Refine and build up the foundational and classic CrossFit movements. The 5 week annual test of CrossFit athletes at all gyms worldwide known as the CrossFit Open kicks off on Feb 21. For 99% of the population the goal here is to simply be the best version of yourself and see what you got. So we want you to be prepared to give it your all and be in a position where you perhaps surprise yourself. 

Below is an interesting look at the movements that have shown up in the Open over the past few years. We are going to focus on those which frequently show up and build the skills for some 


  • Increase metabolic conditioning – this is the base of the crossfit pyramid, tested in CF Open in Feb, helps promote weight loss goals, and is the most applicable training function to other areas of life and sport
    • Achieved with shorter, more intense metcons with less complex movements
    • Bring heart rate up, allow rest periods for brief recovery, and spike heart rate again
    • Interval style training – EMOM, Work:Rest ratio
  • Skill Work: More focus on strict strength and mastering movements. Then building in the dynamic movements by utilizing time in beginning of classes using organized drills to build and explore efficient technique for dynamic aspects
    • Doing at a relaxed heat rate – EMOM, drills, etc. 
    • More direct coaching and working with individuals
    • Customizing these pieces for each group of athletes to make challenging based on experience and current skill level

Looking forward to another year of bettering our community ! 

Crossfit Hoboken Staff