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July #ExtraCreditChallenge

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Work out for 20 days and log them into Beyond The Whiteboard

Between vacations and weekends away, this is a tough time of year to stay consistent. In light of that, our challenge for July is to work out at least 20 days over the course of the month.

But that’s not all–to help keep us all accountable, part of the challenge is to record the workout somewhere. We recommend Beyond The Whiteboard, but you can really do it anywhere–on your phone’s calendar, on your wall calendar at home, in a journal.

The important thing is that we take the extra step to record the workout, because it helps keep us accountable. It helps make your hard work seem a little more real. And best of all, at the end of the month you’ll be able to look back and see what you’ve accomplished.

Not a member of Beyond The Whiteboard? Click here and go through the signup process. After you search for CrossFit Hoboken, enter code HOBO588 to connect with us. It’s free!

Need a little more help staying consistent? At the beginning of every week, schedule your workout time into your calendar just like it’s an important meeting. And then DON’T cancel it! Your workout time is just as important as a meeting, because it’s your time to take care of yourself.

Here’s to staying on the wagon through the summer months. Best of luck, everyone!