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Let’s get handsy! Introducing the March #extracreditchallenge

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It’s a new month, and with it comes a new #extracreditchallenge. This month is going to be all about being on our hands:

March #CFHextracreditchallenge
Accumulate 30 minutes per week handstand/handstand walk practice

But when it comes to gymnastics, everyone is at a different place in terms of their ability and comfort levels. That’s why Coach Alex has devised 3 different training “tiers” to help challenge you and make the most of your practice time based on your ability level.

Check out the videos below, and good luck this month!

Intro to the March #extracreditchallenge


Tier 1: Kicking up to a handstand


Tier 2: Building inverted pressing strength


Tier 3: Progressing to a handstand walk