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New supplements: Why we’re stocking SFH

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At some point in every CrossFitter’s training, questions about nutrition and supplementation arise. Nutrition questions usually sound something like, “Am I putting the best foods in my body to support my health and fitness?” While questions about supplementation usually take the form of “Is there more I can do to boost my performance and maximize my gainz?”

Yes, “gainz” with a “z.”

At CrossFit Hoboken, we’re evolving our business to help address these questions for you. On the subject of nutrition, we’re working to make healthy food options readily available to you through premade and locally sourced food services. (In fact, we have a couple announcements about this on the horizon. Stay tuned!)

When it comes to supplementation, we have made the decision to partner with supplement provider Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH) to help support your health and fitness goals.

SFH has been developing and manufacturing supplements since 2010, and although they are a relative newcomer to the supplement game, they have grown at a rapid pace behind a reputation for integrity, quality, and clean products that taste great.

I found SFH while doing a deep dive into clean protein supplements back in 2014. Right off the bat I was shaken by the lack of regulation in the supplement industry and how little companies had to disclose about their products. My research took me into the world of vegan and plant-based proteins, which tend to be cleaner but not as rich in protein and amino acids as animal-based whey proteins. Dissatisfied, I kept digging.

Eventually, on the recommendation of fellow CrossFit Hoboken member Brian Combias, I checked out SFH. They professed to be about clean, natural products that are rooted in science. When I looked closer, I saw a lot of the same positive aspects of the vegan and plant-based proteins: Very few ingredients, natural sources, and transparency about the amino acid profile. In fact, SFH Pure Whey (which is my chosen product) still has the best amino acid profile of any whey protein that I’ve found. And best of all, it tastes awesome.

(Scroll down to continue post)Supplement facts and amino acid profile for SFH Pure Whey

As I’ve continued to get to know the company and started to build a relationship with our SFH representative, I’ve been more and more impressed with the company’s products and mission. Regarding the former, all products are free of soy, GMO, gluten, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients. Regarding the latter, they are one of the few supplement companies investing in legitimate clinical research to support their marketing claims.

All of this has brought us to today, when I am proud and excited to announce that SFH is the official supplement provider of CrossFit Hoboken.

Starting later this week, we will be stocking the full line of SFH supplements. And because supplements aren’t cheap, we are helping to defer the costs by passing part of our wholesale discount on to you. All items will be available to CrossFit Hoboken members for 5% off standard retail price, so you will not be able to find them for less anywhere else.

Here is the full line of SFH products that we will be carrying:

Recovery/whey protein

Pure Whey
Made from 100% grass-fed, free-range cows, Pure Whey is just that—a pure whey protein with no synthetic substances, artificial flavors, or colorings. It is safe for children, breastfeeding mothers, and pregnant mothers.
Standard retail price (SRP): $50
CrossFit Hoboken member price (5% off): $47.50

Fuel is SFH’s “anytime protein,” featuring a combination of whey protein from grass-fed, free-range cows, MCTs, and apple pectin for an extra daily kick of fiber. I haven’t tried it yet, but supposedly the new Strawberry flavor (which we will be carrying) is amazing.
SRP: $55
CFH member price (5% off): $52.25

Billed as SFH’s most complete protein, Recover is designed to help you do just that. It contains whey protein from grass-fed, free-range cows in addition to 10g of additional supplements to aid in muscle building and joint health, including creatine, leucine, L-carnitine, and CoQ-10.
SRP: $75
CFH member price (5% off): $71.25


Push is a new formula that SFH created based on the success of 2 previous products. It is designed to provide a pre-workout boost, containing ingredients such as leucine, beta-alanine, caffeine, and a big shot of B, C, and E vitamins.
SRP: $55
CFH member price (5% off): $52.25

Strong is a unique combination of creatine and glutamine with beef isolate and serum protein. It is designed to promote protein synthesis beyond the natural post-workout window.
SRP: $50
CFH member price (5% off): $47.50

Fish oil

Fish oil is the only supplement recommended by CrossFit HQ. It is a combination of the long-chain fatty acids EPA and DHA and has been shown in countless clinical trials to have benefits for heart health, joint health, and cognitive function.

2oz liquid (sample bottles)
SRP: $15
CFH member price (5% off): $14.25

Bottles of 120 capsules
SRP: $45
CFH member price (5% off): $42.75

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SFH supplement guide

For those who have thought about trying a supplement but have been daunted by all the choices and marketing out there, rest assured that we have done the research and have chosen to stand behind these products. We will also be carrying sample packs of all of the products above, so please feel free to try them before pulling the trigger on a whole bag.

I hope that you enjoy the new products and that they help to support you in pursuit of your health and fitness goals. In the meantime, I’ll see you all on the GAINZ TRAIN!